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Wugazi- 13 Chambers

Mash-up’s really aren’t clever any more. The final curtain was drawn with the modern day Jive Bunny and the Master Mixers, Girl Talk,  at the twilight of 2010. It was already a dying art-from, Mash Up being a bye line for shit, unimaginative, wannabe DJ. It’s ok if you’re Soulwax, but you’re not are you? The artform was spoilt with DJ’s trying to mix wacky pop songs with something Zane Lowe would play, but luckily faith in remixing has been reclaimed.

Wugazi has dropped after months of rumour and teasers. Two brave souls have tackled the sacred and honoured it nobly. Wu Tang Clan and Fugazi are two perfect groups that should arguably never be touched, but they have been meticulously rearranged by Cecil Otter and Swiss Andy. These two men spent a year disseminating each Fugazi song into its bare constituents and endlessly testing them under Wu Tang acapellas.

13 Chambers isn’t merely spitting over a Fugazi track; each backing track has been created from scratch, utilising Fugazi’s ingredients, topped off with the appropriate Wu treat. Slow Like That and Nowhere to Wait, are two of the baddest tracks you’ll hear this year. Snare’s and bass are spliced with perfect precision, while hi hats and notes trckle around ODB’s howls.

It’s free to download it by clicking here and you must. This shit is the shit.

Wugazi-Slow Like That

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