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Lovvers & Dignan Porch- Bull and Gate, Kentish Town,

Now the Yanks have left Iraq we seem to be right back at
the start of it all: The early 90’s, when it was all Lo-Fi Slackers
and Shoegazing, Shock and Awe were early name ideas for Zig and
Zag, and Grunge was found in a tank on Noels House Party. It’s
prophesised that during a recession the Slackers shall return…
Tooting quartet Dignan Porch spurt
straight from Pavements wet dream with discordant guitars over
repetitive DIY rhythms from the school of Galaxy 500. Their hazy
psychedelic pop has just the right amount of intrigue to keep the
crowds attention without veering too far from their niche; have a
hook to groove to, and repeat until feedback. If MGMT and those
Brooklyn bands stopped trying to outdo each other and spent more
time taking it easy in their bedrooms then they may get somewhere
near to dreamy fuzz songs like As You Were and On A Ride.
Lovvers are a Nottingham based band
who have been making wav(v)es on the scene since fellow Slackers
Male Bonding broke through. With a string of frantic and chaotic
shows behind them they are set to return Lo Fi Punk to the fore in
2011. Looking like a band of truckers and geeks who’ve listened to
too much 60’s LA Garage and Butthole Surfers, their basis is
similar to Dignan Porch’s; find a hook and repeat with feedback and
distorted vocals. Unfortunately they just couldn’t keep up with
themselves. Society Jam and Strangers kept being mistimed and error
filled and I just wanted them to realise and concentrate on
feedback, noise and smashing some shit, as playing the songs just
didn’t work. As early 90s Slacker icons Beavis and Butthead would
say: “This sucks, change it”. Dignan Porch
8 Lovvers
3 (but I’d go see them again, in case
they smash some shit) Bull and Gate, Kentish Town- 02/09/2010
Porch – Like It Was
by ITCManchester

– Strangers
by Wichita

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