There are countless music blogs and web sites out there, all giving their own spin on new bands, gigs and reviews, and to be honest THE GUILD is no different. What we do offer though is an informed view of what’s happening out there rather han reguritating a press release or pandering to the latest hot new merketing band.

Just because a band is new, doesn’t mean they’re any good ,the same as a new release probably isn’t newsworthy. However neither will we discard bands that become too big and lose their hipster cool. We’ll only do theat whet they go shit, and any correlation is purely coincidence.

The Guild is now based here while rebuild our readership, before moving onto a pretty new website. We have contributers around the country who are doing the arduous task of gong to gigs, listening to records and talking to bands. Nightmare we think you’ll agree. We’re transfering our archive over to this site so please bear with us.

We know you’ll still be reading DIS, Fake DIY The Quietus and the like, keep popping to us at the same time for a different view. It’s going to be opinionated and quite often condtradictory, but that’s what indiepop is about; love a band one day, then it goes to shit as something better comes along. But hey ho, it’s throwaway pop music so let us work throuh the chaff for you.

Are you the an unsigned band looking for acknowledg ement the drop us a line at myfirstindiepop@gmail.com. But me warned, if you’re shit well tell you.
If there’s any thing you want to say then get in touch at myfirstindiepop@gmail.com.

Also please subscribe to stay upto date, and feel free to comment, disagree and shout, we’ll shout back.

Dave Newbury
Editor The Guild


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One response to “ABOUT THE GUILD

  1. Jeff

    Hey Dave: I like music, and I like your blog. The thing is, there are a lot of spelling and grammar mistakes. I wonder if I could help out? See my e-mail address. Thanks.

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